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wanna hear some anno?

we have a number of options available for our fans to gain access to our music. please check out the details to select the best option for you...


daath e.p.

Our new album appologue and previous dAATh ep can both be purchased in wav format from our Bandcamp site via the button below. 

[we will be using our bandcamp page to offer occassional special releases, so keep an eye out]

Do you want a real CD in your hands?

Our friends at NGP are distributing the new appologue CD.


you can purchase it directly from them by clicking the button below.

appologue is now available at every popular site dedicated to compressed file formats like the mp3. these include itunes, amazon music, youtube, google play, spotify, xbox music, rhapsody and others


to get you started, two popular choices are below...

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